Planning for a new iPhone: Apple is offering great discounts on its official online store

If you are planning to purchase a new iPhone, then you need to hurry up! Apple India is offering some amazing discounts on its official India online store. However, there is a catch to the special online offer. The offer will be only valid till May 31 and during this period Apple will give extra trade-in credit when you trade your old smartphone (which may be Android/ Apple).

The special offer by Apple allows you to save Rs 5200- Rs 49,700 when you trade in an eligible iPhone or other smartphone towards the purchase of a new smartphone.

The details about the estimated trade-in-value for iPhones are mentioned below.

iPhone Model Estimated trade-in value
iPhone 12 Pro Max Up to ₹49700.00
iPhone 12 Pro Up to ₹47100.00
iPhone 12 Up to ₹34500.00
iPhone 12 mini Up to ₹27000.00
iPhone SE (2nd generation) Up to ₹15455.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max Up to ₹39500.00
iPhone 11 Pro Up to ₹37700.00
iPhone 11 Up to ₹25550.00
iPhone XS Max Up to ₹24600.00
iPhone XS Up to ₹23700.00
iPhone XR Up to ₹18700.00
iPhone X Up to ₹19800.00
iPhone 8 Plus Up to ₹16300.00
iPhone 8 Up to ₹13290.00
iPhone 7 Plus Up to ₹13650.00
iPhone 7 Up to ₹11680.00
iPhone 6s Plus Up to ₹9105.00
iPhone 6s Up to ₹8220.00
iPhone 6 Plus Up to ₹7905.00
iPhone 6 Up to ₹6805.00
iPhone SE (1st Generation) Up to ₹5810.00


On the other hand there are many popular Android smartphones that get attractive trade-in value as you exchange them to get a new Apple iPhone.

The details about the estimated trade-in-value for some popular Android smartphones are mentioned below.

Android Model Estimated trade-in value
Samsung Galaxy M20 Up to ₹3900.00
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Up to ₹12150.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 Up to ₹10000.00
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Up to ₹6900.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Up to ₹11000.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Up to ₹6180.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Up to ₹4990.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Up to ₹8400.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Up to ₹3525.00
OnePlus 8T Up to ₹16300.00
OnePlus 8 Up to ₹15300.00
OnePlus 7 Pro Up to ₹16100.00
OnePlus 7T Up to ₹14200.00
OnePlus 7 Up to ₹13550.00
OnePlus 6T Up to ₹10600.00
OnePlus 6 Up to ₹9400.00
OnePlus 5T Up to ₹7300.00
OnePlus 5 Up to ₹7900.00
OnePlus Nord Up to ₹13500.00
Poco F1 Up to ₹7165.00


(Note: The list of smartphones in the above mentioned lists is a fraction of total smartphones eligible for trade in. A more comprehensive list will be available for you once you select you new iPhone on the official Apple India online store.)

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