Phone Lost Or Stolen? This Is How You Can Keep Your WhatsApp Account Safe

WhatsApp in mobile works only when your phone is on and of course, when the phone has data on or is connected to Wi-Fi. But, our difficulty increases significantly when the mobile is stolen or misplaced. During this time we cannot access our WhatsApp account on any other mobile.

However, the instant messaging platform WhatsApp has given some steps, which we can use if the phone gets stolen or misplaced. With the help of this trick, you can protect your WhatsApp account from misuse. Since you cannot remotely deactivate your WhatsApp account through any other device, you can keep your account safe with the help of these steps.

Lock your SIM card: First of all, you should lock your SIM card by calling the customer care numbers of your telecom company. After the SIM card is locked, the WhatsApp account will not be validated in that phone, because there will be no SMS or call for account verification. This way no one will be able to use your WhatsApp account.

After the SIM card is locked, the user will have two options. 1) You can activate WhatsApp account by inserting a new SIM card of the same number in the new phone and  2) You can deactivate the WhatsApp account. For this, the user will have to email Lost / Stolen: Please deactivate my account and email WhatsApp. In the e-mail, you must have written your phone number in international format. That is, you have to enter your mobile number after +91.

After deactivating, your contacts can see your profile photo and send messages, which will remain pending for 30 days. If the user is able to restart the account before it is deleted, then he will get all the pending messages sent on the new phone. Also, he will remain in all group chats. If the user is unable to activate his WhatsApp account then the account will be completely deleted within 30 days.

It is worth noting here that even after the SIM card is blocked and the services are disabled, WhatsApp can be used with Wi-Fi if the user does not send the account deactivation request to the company.


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