Now EV users can find charging stations in Google Maps

New Delhi: As more drivers and auto companies move toward electric vehicles (EVs), Google is introducing new Maps features for EV drivers with vehicles that have Google built-in.

On any trip that’ll require an EV charging stop, Maps will suggest the best stop based on factors like current traffic, charge level and expected energy consumption.

“If you don’t want to visit that particular station, you can easily swap it with another one with just a few taps,” said the company.

The ‘very fast’ charging filter will help you easily find stations that have chargers of 150 kilowatts or higher.

For many cars, this can give you enough power to fill up and get back on the road in less than 40 minutes, said Google.

“We’ll also show you in search results when places like a supermarket have charging stations on-site,” the company informed.

Google also updated Maps with more immersive view and Live View.

Using advances in AI and computer vision, immersive view fuses billions of Street View and aerial images to create a rich, digital model of the world.

“And it layers helpful information on top like the weather, traffic, and how busy a place is,” said the company.

Immersive view has started rolling out today in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

In the coming months, it’ll launch in even more cities, including in Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice.

Search with Live View uses AI and augmented reality to help people find things around you — like ATMs, restaurants, parks and transit stations — just by lifting your phone while you’re on the street.

Google recently launched search with Live View in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo.

“In the coming months, we’ll start expanding this feature to Barcelona, Dublin and Madrid,” it said.

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