Now anyone can appeal account suspension on Twitter: Elon Musk

Elon Musk-run Twitter announced that anyone can now appeal their account suspension, The move is part of the announcement last week.

New Delhi:  Elon Musk-run Twitter on Thursday announced that anyone can now appeal their account suspension.

The move is part of the announcement last week that Twitter will take “less severe actions” against user accounts that break its rules, asking them to remove controversial tweets and move on.

“Starting today, anyone can request that we review a suspended account for reinstatement under our new criteria,” said Twitter.

“We appreciate your patience as we work through a high volume of these requests,” it added.

Reinstated accounts, like all accounts on Twitter, still need to follow Twitter rules.

The company last week said it will only suspend Twitter accounts that engage in “severe or ongoing, repeat violations” of its rules.

“Going forward, we will take less severe actions, such as limiting the reach of policy-violating Tweets or asking you to remove Tweets before you can continue using your account,” the micro-blogging platform said.

Account suspension will be reserved for severe or ongoing, repeat violations of our policies, it added.

Severe violations include but are not limited to engaging in illegal content or activity, inciting or threatening violence or harm, privacy violations, platform manipulation or spam, and engaging in targeted harassment of users.

Twitter said it has been proactively reinstating previously suspended accounts.

The platform further said that it will continue to work on launching features that transparently identify when we have taken enforcement actions “and expect to begin rolling these out in February”.

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