Newly leaked renders offer multiple details of Apple iPhone 15 Pro

According to the latest renders obtained by 9to5Mac we have noticed some features that will be available in the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.

Just like last year, Apple is prepared to launch its upcoming iPhone series in Q3 of this year (most probably in September 2023). From time to time the CAD based renders of the upcoming iPhone 15 devices have appeared on internet. According to the latest renders obtained by 9to5Mac we have noticed some features that will be available in the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Pro offers multiple upgrades over its predecessor and the render has highlighted on it. We have mentioned about the specs revealed in the render below.


The Cameras are perhaps the most important feature of a new iPhone. The size of the cameras in the iPhone 15 Pro is just massive and they are larger than its predecessor. This means that the camera bump is thicker and the lenses are protruding. The individual lens protrusion is more than double as compared with the iPhone 14 Pro camera lens. According to the rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a new sensor technology in its cameras that will reduce overexposure or underexposure in certain settings.


The built quality of the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be better than the 14 Pro and this is possible due to the new titanium casing. Along with titanium casing the smartphone gets rounder-edged design. The rounded edges will be quite noticeable when the device will be in the hand of the users.

USB Type C port

Another significant upgrade in the new iPhone 15 Pro is the presence of USB-C port. It is rumoured that all the iPhone 15 models will offer USB Type C port. However, we are not sure whether speed of the data transfer or fast charging through it. We expect the fast charging to be limited to USB-C cables certified by Apple.

Bezels and Dimensions

The tiny 1.55mm bezels of the iPhone 15 Pro means that there will be presence of bigger screen on the device. However, due to small bezels and more rounded edges, the dimensions of the smartphone will be smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro measures 146.47 x 70.46 x 8.24mm (length x bredth x thickness).

Haptic buttons

The rendered image also shows that there will not be any physical button on the smartphone. Rather the smartphone will offer solid state buttons that will be used for volume and mute buttons. This means that buttons will not offer any moving parts. The solid state buttons are pressable buttons where a small motor produces vibrations when a user presses them.


There will be a presence of a new colour variant (which will be deep red color) in the iPhone 15 Pro and will be offered alongside White, Space Black and Gold.

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