Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Disney+Hotstar: Which of the OTT plans offer best value for money

The rise of OTT platforms in India has been very significant in the last couple of years. In India there has been the dominance of three major OTT platforms- Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+Hotstar. After the recent slashing of subscription prices by Netflix in India, the competition with other rivals is expected to increase.

Post the slashing of prices, it is expected that more users will opt to purchase Netflix plans. Let us make a comparative analysis about the current plans offered by three major OTT platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+Hotstar).


Users are offered with four plans- Mobile only plan, Basic plan, Standard plan and Premium plan. The Mobile only plan earlier used to cost Rs 199. Currently, it costs only Rs 149. The Basic plan now costs Rs 199 instead for Rs 499. The standard plan which used to cost Rs 649 is now available for Rs 499. The most expensive plan- premium plan currently costs Rs 649 instead of Rs 799. All the plans offered by Netflix are monthly plans.

Amazon Prime

The plans of Amazon Prime became costlier recently. The annual membership plans now costs Rs 1499 instead of Rs 999. A price hike of Rs 500 was implemented on the annual membership.

The quarterly plan costs Rs 459 instead of Rs 329. On the other hand, the basic plan costs Rs 179 instead of Rs 129.


When it comes to Disney+Hotstar, it is offered in three plans. The plans range from Rs 499 to Rs 1499.

Rs 499 plan

The cheapest plan offered by Disney+Hotstar offers yearly services for a single device (mobile). Users can access content in HD.

Rs 899 plan

This Disney+Hotstar plan offers users with a yearly subscription to its services on two devices. The devices can be tablet, TV, or smartphone. Users can access content in HD.

Rs 1499 plan

This Disney+Hotstar plan offers users with a yearly subscription to its services for maximum of four devices. Users can access the content available on the platform in 4K, simultaneously on four devices. If the number of users exceeds the maximum limit, then one of the previously logged accounts will be logged out.

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