Netflix password sharing feature: How are users charged for sharing their password

Netflix is widely known for the wide range of content it offers to its users across the World. The streaming platform offers great TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, etc. in various languages and genres. However, a few months ago, the streaming giant announced that it would charge its customers for sharing passwords with friends. This roughly means that users will be charged extra if they share their Netflix account password with individuals beyond their household.

Netflix conducted the preliminary test (Netflix password sharing) in countries like Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. However, the company (Netflix) did not get any results that it was expecting during the test trial of this feature, reports Rest of World. As Netflix introduced the password sharing feature many users simply choose to take a weird decision. The users simply canceled their Netflix subscription when asked to pay extra according to the new policy. This incident happened after few customers were charged extra under the new password sharing policy.

According to the source, the users were not informed officially about the new change in Netflix policy. This roughly means that there were some users who are still sharing passwords of their accounts with close ones without information about additional charges being levied on them. However, when Netflix was contacted by the source, it told that the policy was in progress and the charges for subscribers might vary.

Netflix password sharing feature update in India

According to Netflix, the password-sharing feature is limited to Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. However, this does not mean that Netflix will extend the testing across other parts of the world. We can expect the company to launch the trials of the new password sharing feature in other countries including India. However, as of now, we can sit back, relax and enjoy shows on the Platform.

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