Microsoft to develop over 500 million new apps in next 5 years

Hyderabad: With the Covid-19 pandemic leading to digital transformation at a speed never seen before, software giant Microsoft expects to develop more than 500 million new applications over the next five years.

With every business organisation turning into a technology entity during the current pandemic, the world is expected to see the development of more and more applications.

The majority of the apps are expected to be developed on low-code platform, said Rajiv Sodhi, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft India.

According to him a large number of the new business applications will be those built by companies in-house as they adapt to new technologies.

Sodhi revealed this while announcing the availability of Microsoft’s ‘Dynamics 365 Project Operations’ solution across India during a virtual roundtable on ‘Decoding Microsoft Business Applications’. It has been developed to help service-based businesses in unifying operational workflows to provide visibility, collaboration and insights to drive success across teams from prospects to payments and profit.

“While technology has been driving the world across industries for a number of years, Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this shift. What was happening in years is now happening in months,” he added.

“Every company is becoming technology-driven to advance what it wants to achieve like optimisation, empowering people in the organisation, engaging customers and transforming products. The output of one system is being used as input for another system,” he said.

During Covid-19 several organisations used Azure Cloud platform as they started working remotely, Sodhi added. Even the governments are using cloud capabilities to run various apps. For instance, the Punjab government developed the Coronavirus Alert (COVA) Chat bot to provide information to people about the coronavirus infection.

He explained how Royal Enfield and LTI, a subsidiary of L&T, were using Microsoft solutions to manage all systems in their business operations in an integrated way.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations will help organisations in winning new deals, tracking and managing projects throughout their lifecycle, retaining best people and increasing profit margins,” said Sodhi.

Built on the Microsoft Power platform, Dynamics 365 Project Operations brings together capabilities from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Project. It integrates with an organisation’s current enterprise systems, helping drive business growth across their sales and delivery processes, without the need to rip and replace existing systems.

Businesses can easily scale Project Operations using Microsoft Power platform and other Dynamics 365 applications like Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

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