Microsoft Adds ‘Together Mode’ Viewing Option In Skype

New York: Microsoft has announced that it has added the ‘Together Mode’ option that debuted in Teams to Skype.

According to a report from, in the latest Skype version (Skype 8.67), Together Mode is one of a handful of new features available to various versions of Skype.

‘Together Mode’ is a viewing option that makes it appear as if all meeting participants are located in the same physically shared space instead of via a traditional grid view.

As per the reports, Microsoft officials have said they believe ‘Together Mode’ will help alleviate virtual-meeting fatigue and make meetings feel more real.

Other new features in Skype 8.67 include the addition of Large Grid Mode, enabling users to see everyone’s video stream simultaneously; an option to add someone to an ongoing Skype call using their phone number, as well as via Skype; more predefined backgrounds and categories and more.

For those wondering when Microsoft will drop Skype and make Teams with consumer functionality enabled its consumer-facing meeting/chat platform, there’s been no official or rumoured word.

Microsoft is continuing to add new features to Skype on a regular basis and seems to be positioning Skype as a simple way to meet and chat, rather than trying to make it an all-encompassing platform like Teams.

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