Michelin & GM to launch Airless, Puncture-proof tyres

New Delhi: Michelin and General Motors (GM) have announced to launch of airless and puncture-proof tyres by 2024. The announcement was made at the Movin’On Summit in Montréal.

The Summit is a conference dedicated to sustainable mobility. Michelin and General Motors together on June 4 announced their latest rendition of the airless tyre that’s puncture-proof, blow-out-proof and flat-proof.

The Michelin Uptis (“Unique Puncture-proof Tire System”) prototype is a successor of the Vision 3D-printed rubber tyres; like the previous generation, the airless technology used to create these tyres makes them more durable and longer-lasting since problems like flats, blowouts, and irregular wear due to over- or under-inflation are completely eliminated.

The Uptis tyre consists of a flexible spoke structure made from rubber and a patented, new resin-infused fibreglass reinforcement. The flexible ring is wrapped in a conventional tyre tread that could eventually be ‘recharged’ from worn, using 3D printing. Just like with a pneumatic tyre, the properties of both the tread and the structure can be tuned for different types of vehicles.

Michelin is targeting a 2024 production launch for the Uptis tire.

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