Mi launches Hypersonic Power Bank in India, Can charge devices with 50W fast charging

Electronics manufacturer Mi has launched a powerbank which can provide fast charging up to 50W. The power bank otherwise known as Mi Power Bank Hypersonic is 20,000mAh and can charge laptops apart from charging mobile devices.

The power bank costs Rs 3,499 as part of crowdfunding campaign by the company. However, as the crowdfunding program ends, buyers will be charged Rs 4,999.

Some of the key features of the powerbank include 45W laptop charging with power delivery 3.0 support, 50W fast mobile charging on the go, 45W versatile quick recharging, triple port output design and premium matte black exterior. The triple port output design comprises of Dual USB-A + USB-C ports.

The power bank has a smart power management system, which enables charging of low-power output devices like Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches and fitness bands.

According to tests run by Mi, a Lenovo L480 laptop can be fully charged in 2hrs 27mins while Mi 10 5G and Mi 11X Pro smartphones can be fully charged in 1hrs 10 mins and 1hr 5mins. On the other hand, the Mi Watch Revolve can be fully charged in 2hrs 20mins on low current charging.

The Mi Power Bank Hypersonic can be fully charged from zero in 3hrs 50mins through the USB-C port. The power bank has Lithium polymer core batteries with smart 16 layer chip protection and is BIS certified.

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