‘Mera Ration’ Mobile App launched By Government For Ration Card Holders In India

Bhubaneswar: Keeping in mind about crores of ration card holders in the country, the Government of India has launched ‘Mera Ration’ Mobile Application. The application is expected to help facilitate the ‘One Nation-One Ration’ system in the country. The newly launched application is targeted to help those ration card holders who have moved far away from their native places in search of employment.

About ‘Mera Ration’ App

The App will trace out the nearest fair price shop according to the location of the user. The users can check details of recent transactions and the entitlement of the amount of rations available to them. Presently users get English and Hindi as preferred language for operating the app. However the government plans to make the app available to users in 14 different languages. The app is presently available to Android users.

How To Use ‘Mera Ration’ App

  • Before using the app, users should check the status of their ration card. If the ration card is active follow the following steps:
  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search Mera Ration App
  • Download the Mera Ration (CENTRAL AEPDS TEAM) App
  • Register by tapping on the Registration option
  • Enter your ration card number in the option
  • Press Submit button

Features and benefits of ‘Mera Ration’ App

The users can check the amount of food grains entitlement to them in the last six months. This gives transparency to beneficiaries who no longer need to ask the ration dealer about their entitled subsidies.

This mobile application is expected to be beneficial to millions of people in India who are at the lower level of income groups.

(Source: BGR.in)

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