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Man who build his own broadband to avoid paying hefty fibre bills gets Rs 20 Crore from govt


A Michigan man, who built his own broadband after getting annoyed with his broadband’s slow speed and to avoid paying hefty fibre network charges, has now been granted $2.6 million which is nearly Rs 20.7 crore in Indian Rupees by the US government.

According to reports, Jared Mauch, a resident of Washtenaw County, was fed up with the slow 1.5Mbps internet speed provided by his network provider. So, he tried to get a new fibre connection from another company but they handed him a bill of a whopping sum of $50,000 (~40 lakhs) for the extension of the connection to his rural home.

“If they had priced it at $10,000, I would have written them a check. It was so high at $50,000 that it made me consider if this is worthwhile. Why would I pay them to expand their network if I get nothing back out of it?” Jared told Ars Technica.

Jared, a network engineer, fed up with the slow network and sky-high bill, he decided to set up his own Internet Service Provider (ISP). He started his own broadband under the name Washtenaw Fibre Properties LLC with roughly 70 customers in his area, later it expanded to nearly 600 customers in 2021.

The US Government, as part of the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, allocated $71 million to the county, with some dedicated to broadband expansion. Jared’s broadband service received a sum of $2.6 million for the expansion of the broadband service.

Customers can get Internet speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps by signing up for Jared’s broadband service ranging from $55 (roughly Rs 4,379) to $79 (roughly Rs 6,290) a month.

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