Man Falls From Bike, Apple Watch Saves His Life

In an interesting development, an Apple Watch has been instrumental in saving a man’s life by dialing the emergency number.

This incident took place in California when the man fell down from his electric bike and the watch was smart enough to detect the fall and dial the SOS number.

The police responded immediately and found man unconscious and bleeding.

Upon further investigation, it was proved that, the watch detected the man’s fall and automatically dialed the emergency services number.

The man was saved as the cops provided first-aid and rushed him to the nearby hospital.

It is noteworthy that, the Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 or higher are equipped with a fall detection feature.

If the wearer has a hard fall while wearing the watch, it sounds an alarm and displays an alert.

However, if the watch detects that the wearer is immobile for about a minute, it automatically makes an emergency call.


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