Making a video call from your TV through Smartphone camera is now possible for Jio Fiber users

Jio Fiber users can now use their smartphones as an external camera or webcam for their TVs while attending a videocall. This facility by Jio Fibre allows its customers to get rid of an additional webcam, which used to be bought specifically for the purpose of video calling. This ‘Camera on Mobile’ feature of Jio Fibre has been rolled out on both Android and iOS devices.

The Camera on Mobile feature enables video-calling through the JioFiberVoice. The JioFibreVoice is bundled with Jio Fiber service and offers video-calling support for its broadband users. Jio Fiber users can also use JioJoin app on their smartphones to make voice calls using their landline number.

In order to make a video call on your TV through your smartphone camera, follow the steps below:

  • Download JioJoin app from App Store and Google Play. Users should make it sure that their devices run OS Android 6.0 or later/ iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Users need to configure their 10-digit Jio Fiber number on the JioJoin app.
  • Configuring the 10-digit Jio Fiber number on the Jio Join app makes your phone a companion device for Jio Fiber connection.
  • After setting up the configuration, enable the ‘Camera on Mobile’ feature from the JioJoin app settings.
  • Users can now use their smartphone as a webcam for making video calls through their TV.

In order to get better quality video calls Jio Fiber recommends its users to switch 5GHz Wi-Fi band on their modems. Alternatively, users can also use 2.4GHz band. However, they might experience lag on the video call due to low band speed.

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