Lost Phone? Know How To Keep Your WhatsApp Safe


WhatsApp’s new policy has been implemented for users. But in the meantime, most people are using this popular messaging app only. Many times the users’ mobile is stolen or lost. In such cases, a big question arises in mind that how to keep WhatsApp account and chats safe.

You keep your WhatsApp account safe even if you lost your mobile phone. Here’s all that you have to do:

Lock your SIM card immediately:  If for some reason your mobile phone is lost or stolen, then first of all lock your SIM card without delay. As soon as you know that the phone has been lost, immediately call your telecom operator and block the SIM card. By doing this, no one else will be able to get WhatsApp verified from your mobile phone.

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Activate WhatsApp on new Simcard: After taking a new sim card, first, download WhatsApp. Now verify your mobile phone to activate the app.

Always backup WhatsApp: Always keep a backup on Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive to keep a WhatsApp account safe and get data back again. When you activate the account again from a new phone, this backup restores your data.

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