Know How To Identify Genuine Apple Products Before Buying It Online

Apple issues warning against fake iPhone sellers after a cyber security researcher, Andrea Stroppa, alleged that an iPhone exploded while she had put it on charge. Stroppa further added that the iPhone was bought online through an unofficial channel on Instagram.

Since Apple iPhones are the most premium products, these fake sellers lure social media users with cheap prices.

Apple formed a team to track fake sellers who sell fake products on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and has warned to take legal actions against them.

To spread awareness, Apple said that a customer should always cross-check the serial number of the product before buying it. Through this way a user can identify if the product or accessories are genuine or not.

This can only be done by visiting Apple’s official website. Furthermore, customers can also identify the genuineness of the product by using the IMEI number provided on the package box. Users can also check the IMEI number by Settings> General> Tap About.

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