JioPhone Next comes preinstalled with a device lock feature; Know when it will be used

The upcoming JioPhone Next smartphone will have a highly advantageous device lock feature. JioPhone Next is preloaded with device lock feature that enables Reliance Jio to limit access in case a user is not able to pay its equated monthly installment (EMIs). An onscreen banner with the name device lock feature has surfaced online, ahead of its sale.

Reliance Jio confirmed the availability of JioPhone Next in collaboration with Google last week. The phone is priced at Rs 6,499 in India. Interested customers can also buy it by paying an upfront amount of Rs 1,999 and the rest via easy EMI installments for up to 24 months. Reliance has introduced four EMI plans for the purchase of Jio Phone Next.

The preloaded device feature is pre installed on the upcoming Jiophone. This feature will be used to restrict user access if a customer fails to pay the EMIs. Jio has placed a banner on the notification panel about the Device Lock feature that reads, “Device provided by the financer.”

It is expected that the device lock will only come with the JioPhone Next units that will be purchased via EMI options. The customers who purchase the phone by paying the entire amount at once may not have this feature in their phone.

JioPhone Next is notably not the first Android phone in the Indian market to preload a measure that will restrict its access in case of payment defaults. Prior to Jio, some finance companies and private money lenders have also used similar methods to recover debts on the phones that are being purchased through their EMI options.

Last year, Google was also reported to be developing an app called Device Lock Controller, which was used to limit access to the device if the user is not able to pay its installments.

Unlike regular EMI options, Jio has clubbed the installments for the JioPhone Next with its dedicated prepaid plans. These plans start from Rs 300 a month for 24 months and go up to Rs. 600 a month for 18 months. Each plan includes data and voice call benefits alongside the EMI of the JioPhone Next.

The upcoming handset from Reliance Jio will target India’s low-income consumers.

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