Is your battery draining faster! Do these things to save phone’s battery life

Now-a-days we can do almost everything with the help of a smartphone including watching movies, listening to songs, shopping, and many other things. But doing many things at a times causes the battery to drain faster and this problem has troubled many people.

The battery of some phones don’t last much longer even though they have much larger capacity and  the users also do not perform many tasks using it. This problem also happens when users do not get time to charge the mobile battery again.

However, you can enhance the life of your battery by doing some simple things.

Keep the display brightness low 

If you want to conserve your phone’s battery then you should not keep the brightness of the phone’s display high. The high brightness of the screen causes battery to drain faster. So, keep the brightness of the display low and increase it only when needed.

Turn off Bluetooth and GPS 

Don’t leave the Bluetooth and GPS turned on in the mobile after using them as it drains the phone’s battery quickly. Only turn them on when they are needed, otherwise keep them off. This will help to make your phone battery last longer.

Don’t use live wallpapers 

The use of live wallpapers consumes the battery of the phone very quickly. You should use a normal wallpaper on your phone instead of applying live wallpapers. The normal wallpapers don’t not cause the battery to deplete quickly.

Close apps running in the background

You may not notice, but many apps are still running in the background of your phone. These background apps causes the battery to drain faster. So, you should turn off unwanted background apps present in the phone, so that the battery of your phone lasts longer.

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