Is it worth purchasing Apple iPhone 13 or wait for Apple iPhone 14? Know the difference

Apple iPhone has always been a talk of the town and every smartphone enthusiast eagerly waits for the arrival of a new generation of the smartphone. It is mid of 2022 and we are just few months away from the launch of the new iPhone 14. Even though the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 are offered with attractive discounts but is it worth purchasing now? We are pointing out some good reasons to wait for iPhone 14 which is expected to launch in September 2022.

Better processor and performance

The new Apple iPhone 14 series is expected to be powered by a powerful A16 Bionic chipset. The A16 Bionic chipset is expected to offer a better performance than the A15 chipset that is present in the current generation of iPhone 13. While the iPhone 14 Pro models will have an A16 Bionic chipset, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will have the same A15 chipset due to the global chipset shortage.

Battery Backup

The Apple iPhone 13 series has been great when it comes to battery backup. We expect the next generation of the iPhone to be more power efficient than the current generation of the smartphone. The iPhone 13 offers ample juice to last for a day and the iPhone 14 is expected to last even longer.

Camera Quality

The iPhone 13 offers great camera quality and the next generation of the smartphone will carry forward the same legacy. The rear camera of the smartphone will offer larger sensors as compared to the current generation. This will result in even a better picture quality. The selfie camera will also offer a better picture quality. Even though the specifications of the camera module remain unknown the upcoming iPhone is expected to offer dual sensors.


The iPhone 14 is expected to be offered with the same launch price as that of the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 is expected to cost Rs 79,990 in India or $799 in the US.  The final price of the iPhone 14 should be out in the upcoming months and we are eagerly waiting for it. The major change in the Apple line-up will be the missing iPhone mini model. The iPhone max variant will replace the iPhone mini which is the current initial variant of the series.

We hope that the Apple iPhone 14 series launches in September this year (new iPhone launches every year in September). However, due to the global chipset shortage in China, the launch of iPhone Max and iPhone Pro Max will be delayed.

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