iPhone 17 slim expected to be the thinnest and most expensive Apple phone, see details here

According to rumors, the iPhone 17 Slim will be launched in 2025 and could replace the Plus models and become the most expensive iPhone in the series. Although the iPhone 16 has not yet been launched, rumors about the iPhone 17 Slim have already started to circulate.

Apple is working on the development of the tinner version that could be launched next year, this tinner version could be launched with the iPhone 17 line expected in September 2025.
When Apple announced the launch of a new line for next year, it was expected that the iPhone 17 would follow the same lineage as the Plus, but according to current information, the iPhone 17 Slim will be the most premium of the group, and more expensive than the 17 Pro Max.

There were reports that Apple was planning to phase out the Plus models after the launch of the iPhone 16, and the iPhone 17 Slim is expected to not only replace the Plus models but could also be the most expensive model in the series.

This model is expected to have a major design overhaul like those introduced in the iPhone X series launched in 2017. Apple is considering a center-aligned rear camera module and an aluminum body for the device. The recently released designs maintained a similar design to the iPhone X.

According to sources, the screen size is still unclear according to reports, although a previous rumor claimed that the iPhone 17 Slim’s screen would be smaller than the iPhone 15 Plus’ screen. In addition, the iPhone 17 Slim may be more expensive than the iPhone 17 Pro Max, highlighting its premium status.

So far, the arrival and premium position of the iPhone Slim are speculative, but Apple is expected to introduce radical changes in its upcoming models. (With Inputs From: GSM Arena)

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