iPhone 14 Pro Max Revealed, Check Design And Specs Here

New Delhi: Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 14 series around September or October. The much expected Apple Inc will be revealing its future iPhone 14 design soon.

Like the other iPhone series, the iPhone 14 lineup is expected to available in multiple variants. It is noteworthy that, tthe computer-aided design (CAD) renders of the iPhone 14 Pro Max were revealed recently. It has been widely shared on the internet.

Earlier reports suggested that the upcoming iPhone 14 series models will be powered by Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chipset. Now, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the only models that will get the new A16 chip.

Further details about the phone’s interior and exterior were disclosed subsequently.

According to the information given by the user, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be narrower than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it will feature a 1.95 mm bezel as compared to the earlier models 2.42 mm bezel.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to measure 78.53 mm in length with a side button, 160.71 mm in width, and 12.16 mm in depth.

The diameter of the rear camera with a metal ring is said to be 13.85 mm in the iPhone 14 Max Pro. The iPhone 14 Max Pro would have a back flash diameter of 6.9 mm and a LiDAR sensor diameter of 6.5 mm.

After the huge success of the Apple’s iPhone 13, subsequent models have also been expected to be a hit worldwide. According to reports, the iPhone 14 variants are expected to be released anytime this year. However, Apple has yet to offer an official description and comment.

The iPhone 14 series will be closely scrutinised to see what new features Apple will include in comparison to previous iterations. Apple is known for releasing products with new, distinctive, and updated features.

(With Inputs From: Zee News)

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