Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp Down Globally, Including India

New Delhi: Millions of users worldwide, including in India, were left oblivious on Wednesday evening when Facebook, WhatsApp and photo-sharing application Instagram faced a global outage.

Users faced specific problems rather than the entire app not working.

On Facebook, users reported that specific posts or photos did not appear, but that the page was loading.

Millions of users had problems sending photos, videos and voice messages on WhatsApp in India. Only the text messages were being shared on the instant messaging service.

On Instagram, people failed to upload photos in various parts of the world.

During the outage, people took to Twitter to share their experiences.

“Everyone moves to twitter when Instagram, facebook, and WhatsApp gets down, including me!” tweeted one Indian user.

“Social media breakdown is the only thing that unites the world,” said another user.

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