Instagram Developing New ‘Threads’ App To Take On Snapchat

New Delhi: According to reports, Instagram is reportedly developing a new app called ‘Threads’ in order to counter Snapchat.

The Verge’s Casey Newton recently revealed that ‘Threads’ is being designed as a companion app to Instagram and will allow users to automatically share location, speed, and battery life as well as video, text, and photos.

The Verge reports that the app is being tested internally by Facebook.

Though Instagram already offers direct messaging in its app, the new app may be a concerted effort to help claim territory from the rival photo and video messaging app, Snapchat.

Instagram, which boasts vastly more users than Snapchat, has had a tougher time making strides in users engagement as the latter tends to keep its patrons inside the app for longer.

Threads’ main features will seemingly mimic some of the most popular features found in Snapchat, including location and battery life sharing.

Both Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have previously adopted popular features from Snapchat, including its ‘stories’ feature which allows users to post more temporary, time-based content.

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