Instagram brings automatic captions to videos in feed

San Francisco: Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram is introducing automatic captions to videos in the feed.

They will be enabled by default for creators, too. Auto-generated captions will initially be available in “select” languages, but Instagram hopes to expand them to more languages and countries, reports Engadget.

The AI behind the captions won’t be flawless. Instagram expects the quality to “continue to improve” as the AI learns, however.

The addition should improve accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing users, who will have more choices for spoken-word video, the report said.

Producers won’t have to manually add captions themselves. However, Instagram also noted that this should help people who simply prefer to watch videos with the sound off.

Users won’t have to toggle the volume just to understand what someone is saying, the report said.

Recently, Instagram said that it will no longer be supporting standalone app for IGTV, instead, it will focus on having all videos on the main Instagram app.

Instagram also said that it is exploring more ways for creators to earn by creating reels that entertain the community. In addition to bonuses, later this year, it will begin testing a new ad experience on Instagram, which will allow creators to earn revenue from ads displayed on their reels.

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