Innovation that can save life: This Glucometer can take biometric reading needle-free

The value of human health has significantly increased in the last two years. As Covid-19 pandemic struck globally, millions of people succumbed to the disease while many others were critically ill. Keeping in mind the looming crisis, various Health-tech start-ups came forward and built budget-friendly devices which could give information about users’ health. Hyderabad-based Health-tech start-ups BlueSemi came forward with a glucometer- Eyva which can be used without pricking a person’s fingertip.

Unlike other Glucometers, Eyva is very easy to use. It has to be placed on the surface of the skin. It will take six biometric readings within just 60 seconds. The biometric readings include blood, temperature, ECG, heart rate, SpO2 and blood pressure.

In order to make the design of Eyva attractive, it is designed by taking the elements of the Mercedes Vision AVTR car. People should use the product with pride rather than getting scared by it, the CEO and founder of BlueSemi, Sunil Maddikatala told ‘the better India in an interview. The device was meant to be informative about the health of a user as well as their eating habits. How a person’s body reacted to their food was also a feature in Eyva, added Sunil.

There are few elements of the device that can make it more than a health gadget. If the user touches it, the device would calculate the respiration rate of the user and mimic it. As the device runs low on energy the sensors turn red and breathe heavily. The user does not have to carry any wire along with him for the device. The device is rather hassle-free and can be easily carried in one’s pocket.

Sunil claimed that the accuracy of the device is around 90 percent and it can be used in four different profiles. The device (Eyva) is connected to the smartphone App. The App suggests some simple tasks based on the parameter of the user’s health. The tasks can be simple things like drinking more water or taking a walk or taking proper rest etc.

The device can be perfectly used by people of age group 25-70 and it will be available for sale on the company’s website in May 2022. The device can be pre-ordered after it is released in March. The price of the device is just above Rs 15,000. The company has planned to manufacture around 1200 units of Eyva in the first quarter of this year, said Sunil.

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  1. Suri Ramu says

    Great instrument from our Hyderabad Entrepreneur.
    How to buy.
    Please message me on 9849019503

  2. subhasis mandal says

    I’m a diabetic patient, for that have to check blood by glucometer, But it is very pain full to me. Therefore I want to purchase this EYVA needle-free device. But where will it available?

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