How to transfer saved data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India, Know Details Here

Popular mobile game ‘PUBG Mobile’ has been relaunched in India and gamers are delighted about it. However, there have been minor changes in the application including the name of the application. The game is now known as Battlegrounds Mobile India instead of PUBG Mobile.

The access for the new game is available for the beta users in India. However, in the coming days more users will be able to play the game. The issue with the game is that many users who had their data saved on PUBG Mobile are wondering whether they can transfer it to the new version of the game or not.

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It will come as a relief to the gamers that Battlegrounds Mobile India allows easy transfer of data from PUBG Mobile. The data transfer is only limited to login with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. It remains to be noted, that users should use the same account to login into Battlegrounds Mobile India as they had used to login PUBG Mobile.

The steps to transfer the data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India is as follows

  • Install Battlegrounds Mobile India on your smartphone.
  • Open the application.
  • Accept the privacy policies displayed on the screen and then login from Facebook or Twitter.
  • Accept the Terms of Service and then proceed.
  • Select Account Data Transfer from the prompt.
  • The next message displayed on the screen will ask you whether you want to transfer data to the new app or not. Click ‘Yes, please continue’ option.
  • Another prompt message lets you know that user data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Click ‘Yes’ to continue.
  • You will be redirected to your Facebook or Twitter page.
  • Enter your credentials.
  • Another prompt message will appear on screen and ask confirmation about data transfer.
  • The saved data of PUBG Mobile will be transferred to Battlegrounds Mobile India.
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