How to prevent devices, gadgets from overheating in summer

In this summer heat wave condition is bothering everybody as mercury is exceeding 50 degree Celsius in some parts of the country. This high temperature not only affects humans but it also hampers gadgets and device. So, how to prevent devices, gadgets from overheating in summer. Here are some useful tips.

Discontinue using the gadget for some time if you think the device is overheating. Turn off the device and unplug it from the power source. This stops further heat generation and allows the internal components to cool.

Close unnecessary applications and reduce screen brightness. For smartphones, switching to airplane mode can minimise heat generation.

Place the device in a shaded, cool area away from direct sunlight. For mobile devices, removing the case can also help dissipate heat faster.

For laptops, a cooling pad with built-in fans can provide additional airflow.

There is also chance that your gadget may catch fire. Deal such situation with these helpful tips.

Unplug the device from the socket. For larger appliances, turn off the main power supply.

If it is a minimal fire, you can also use a fire extinguisher rated for electrical fires. However, do not use water, as it can conduct electricity and cause further damage.

It is not advisable to reuse the device after a fire because it may pose further risk.

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