How to avoid Getting Copyright Strike on Google Images

Bhubaneswar: Google is the world’s most used search engine. One can use Google to search about any topic in seconds, read about it or use the details as per convenience. But the thing to keep in mind is how to avoid Copyright strike on these images. For example, You are a website owner and you want to portray about Odisha in your website. You downloaded images of Odisha from Google and uploaded it to your website without the knowledge of the images being Copyright protected. The Copyright holder can now drag you to the court on grounds of Copyright violation.

To make you understand better, if you want to use a pencil but you don’t have one with you, you will either borrow it from your neighbour with due permission you will buy it. But if you use the pencil without permission of the owner, it would rather be called as theft. In such instance, owner of the pencil might seek legal actions against you. Same rules are also applied in case of the images on Google.

Now lets learn how to achieve our intentions, avoiding Copyright strikes being filed against us with few easy steps.

What to Do

1. Open your web browser.
2. Visit Google website.
3. Type and search the images you need. E.g ‘Odisha’.
4. Click on the Images option. Now you will get to see a number of images that match to your search results.

Google Copyright help

5. Now Click on the Tools option which will be there next to the Settings options.
6. Click on Usage Rights. You will see two options, Creative Commons licenses and Commercial & other licenses .

Creative Commons licenses images can be used by you for avoiding the Copyright strike, but Commercial & other licenses images available can be used after buying them. Now you can easily decide if you want to use a free image or buy an image for commercial purpose.

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