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Here’s how to find out who else is using your Gmail account


Millions and billions of people all over the world use Gmail every day. In such a situation, if the account gets hacked, then you get scared as you do not know where and at what time your account has been used. Today we will give you detailed information about how you can find out when, where and at what time your Gmail account was used.

One special thing is that there is no charge of any kind to know it, that is, the way to find out who used Gmail is absolutely free. Some such tools are available in Gmail with the help of which you can easily find out the important information related to your Gmail account.

If you also want to find out about this, then first open your Gmail account on a desktop or laptop. After logging in, scroll down to the bottom, on the right side you will find details written at the bottom.

You have to click on the details option, as soon as you tap on this option a new window will open. For the information of people, let us know that in this window users will get the necessary information like access type (browser, mobile, POP3 etc.), location (IP address) and data/time. You can mix it with the IP address of your computer or laptop in your device and office to see if your account has been used elsewhere.

If you suspect that your Gmail may be logged in somewhere else, then log out of your Gmail account and change your password immediately.


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