Google may announce new overheating measure for Pixel smartphones

Google is reportedly looking into the overheating issue faced by the pixel devices and the company is looking into a new measure to tackle it, said a recent report. The feature is called Adaptive Thermal and it was reportedly spotted during the APK teardown of the smartphone’s Device Health Services app.

Even though the current generation of pixel smartphones are offered with built-in safety measures, this specific feature is expected to bring up new pop-up notification when the temperature shoots up. According to a report by Android Authority, this new feature by Google is expected to be in a developing stage. Several strings related to the feature were spotted in the APK teardown of Pixel’s Device Health Services app version 1.27. If the feature is enabled, the device triggers pre-emergency alert as the battery temperature reaches 49 degrees Celsius.

The report mentioned that users should try to avoid direct sunlight or close any battery-intensive apps. A new option known as ‘See care steps’ option is expected to appear on the Pixels devices. This will let the users know the steps taken by the device’s OS to ensure safety. The new option also offers tips to cool down the device i.e. close battery intensive apps, keep the device in an open place, avoid direct sunlight and much more.

The Pixel devices like other Android devices have measures to counter overheating issues. As the device heats up due to any reason, the CPU throttles and the performance is sacrificed. The device also turns off features like LED flash, 5G connectivity, charging speed and much more.

The Adaptive Thermal feature turns off Pixel smartphones as the temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius threshold.

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