Google Maps will now let users know how much toll fee they have to pay

Google Maps has got a new update that will let users know about how much toll fee they need to pay on a route they have chosen. As you already know that you have to pay a toll fees while travelling on national highways across the country. This toll fee isn’t a standard amount and varies from route to route. Sometimes, you may face inconvenience while paying toll fees as there might be times when you are low on cash and don’t know how much you have to pay. In these situations, Google Maps’ new feature can help you.

Google in its community page said that “to help make the choice between toll roads and regular roads easier, we’re rolling out toll prices on Google Maps for the first time.”

How does the toll fee feature of Google Maps work?

The new feature of Google Maps will show you an estimated toll price to your destination before you start navigating. According to Google, it relies on “trusted information” received from local tolling authorities to calculate the estimated toll fees. Google explained that they look at factors like having a toll pass or not, what the day of the week it is, along with how much the toll is expected to cost at the specific time you’ll be crossing it.

Users can see the option that will show toll prices with or without having a toll pass in the settings. Google has given this option as in certain areas in many geographies the price changes based on the payment method people use. Google Maps will also show you other routes if you don’t want to pay the toll and want to take another route, there is also the option to avoid routes crossing toll roads entirely. Users can do this by selecting ‘Avoid tolls’ within settings.

However, the feature is not available for every route. Users will start seeing toll prices on Android and iOS for nearly 2000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan and Indonesia, said Google. So, it is not clear how many toll roads in India will the new feature show.

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