Google I/O 2023: What to expect from the annual developer conference

Google I/O 2023- the annual developer conference of Google will be held on May 10, announced the tech company this week.

Google I/O 2023- the annual developer conference of Google will be held on May 10, announced the tech company this week. The annual event will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Even though Google I/O is used to showcase the new developments in software and AI, we are likely to hear about Google products that will launch in the near future.

However, unlike the usual event that last for 2-3 days, this year’s event will be a single-day affair. This year’s Google I/O is filled with lots of surprises and announcements. We have listed some key things that are expected to be announced at the conference.

Android 14

Google is most likely to throw a light on the newer aspects of the upcoming Android 14 OS. According to various Android enthusiasts the important features that will be in the Android 14 will include wallpaper customization through emojis, upgrade on privacy and security etc.

The tech giant will focus on using more AI in Android devices. The company will surely emphasis on the company’s work on machine learning. Google has showcased the Demo of Duplex at I/O 2018 and now it is a part of the Pixel smartphone experience.

Pixel tablet and foldable smartphone

Despite the announcement of the Google Pixel Tablet in the I/O 2022, it is yet to be in the market.  We hope that Google will make the official debut of the Pixel Tablet in the developer conference.

Speaking about the foldable device by the company, Google Pixel Fold is something that enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for. The company should throw a light on the launch timeline of the device. Various leaks have suggested that the Pixel Fold will offer a back camera bump just like the Pixel 7 series and will feature same cameras. However, the camera bump will not be huge as it would hamper the closing mechanism of the device.

Google Bard

We will definitely hear about Google’s AI- Bard. Bard AI is a new chatbot tool that is developed by Google as a competitor to ChatGPT. The Bard AI is designed to make conversations with human beings and provide realistic responses to the questions asked by them. The chatbot tool uses natural language processing and machine learning to provide a realistic answer.

Bard AI is designed to augment Google’s own search tools just like Bing is used for ChatGPT. It can be integrated on a range of digital systems including smartphones, computers and much more. Bard AI is expected to be integrated with websites, messaging platform etc.

The availability of Google Bard AI is yet to become public. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the testing of Bard is limited to small set of trusted testers.

 Google Pixel 7a

Google has been subtly hinting on the launch of its mid-range devices for few years. It is certain that the company will speak about the launch of Pixel 7a. Various sources have revealed that the Google Pixel 7a will be launched at the I/O 2023 itself.

According to a leak, the Google Pixel 7a will offer a display of 6.1-inch FHC+ 90Hz OLED display. A Tensor G2 chipset will power the smartphone and it will also get LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. Simply speaking, the smartphone will be a proper upgrade of the Pixel 6a in every way.

Google might also showcase some gadget in its conference which will be introduced in the upcoming years (distant future).


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