Google Fit for iOS: Now iPhone users can measure heart and respiratory rate, Know how


Google Fit app for iOS is reportedly going to introduced new heart and the respiratory features in its updates soon. With the Google Fit app for iOS, iPhone users can reportedly track and measure the heart rate of the user using the device’s camera.

To use the new feature, iPhone users just need to place their finger on the rear camera sensor and apply light pressure and they can get the heart rate. To track heart rate, users do not need to have an active internet connection in their iPhone. The heart and respiratory feature of Google Fit were first rolled out to the Pixel phones.

The new features were first spotted by 9to5Google, who reported that the iOS users who are using the Google Fit app will soon get the heart and repository tracking feature.

How to measure heart rate on Google Fit app for iOS?

According to reports, the iOS users will need to place their finger on the iPhone camera sensor, turn on the flash to track their heart rate through Google Fit app. The report says that by turning on the flash, the accuracy will increase.

Furthermore, the feature does not even require an active internet connection to work.

The app will require nearly 30 seconds to measure your heart rate when you place your finger on the rear camera.

After you withdraw your finger after 30 seconds, you will get to see a preview graph and BPM on the app.

Once measurements are taken, users can either save the vitals to Google Fit or not.

The accuracy of the process is determined by Google Fit’s algorithms which also account for factors like age and skin tone.

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How to measure heart and respiratory rate on Google Fit app for iOS?

Google Fit for iOS has also reportedly added another feature that will help users keep a track of the number of breaths they take.

To use this feature of Google Fit, Users will require to face the front camera of their iPhone.

You will be required to keep your phone on a stable surface so that your head and upper torso is visible  in the app’s display.

Once you hold your breath as per the instructions, you will be guided by the app about the steps to follow next.

The app will detect your breath rate from the subtle chest movements when you breath.

The feature were first introduced by Google as Android-first only. Pixel phones got the health and respiratory features next. Now, iOS user may get the features soon. However, Google Fit has not made any updates in its app page on Apple’s App Store.

As per reports, the Google Fit app was last updated in November.

Google had also cautioned the users that the results should not be used to diagnose a medical condition of a person.

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