Google Bard AI: How to check its availability and how to use it

Well, Bard or Bard AI is a new chatbot tool that is developed by tech giant Google as a competitor to ChatGPT.

Heard about ChatGPT, the AI chatbot by OpenAI? Well, Bard or Bard AI is a new chatbot tool that is developed by Google as a competitor to ChatGPT. The Bard AI is designed to make conversations with human beings and provide realistic responses to the questions asked by them. The chatbot tool uses natural language processing and machine learning to provide a realistic answer.

Bard AI is designed to augment Google’s own search tools just like Bing is used for ChatGPT. It can be integrated on a range of digital systems including smartphones, computers and much more. Bard AI is expected to be integrated with websites, messaging platform etc.


The availability of Google Bard AI is yet to become public. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the testing of Bard is limited to small set of trusted testers. If you are not one of the chosen beta testers, you have to wait until further update. If you are a chosen beta tester, to use Bard AI, head straight to Google app on your smartphone and tap the chatbot icon. Enter you queries and then click enter.

On what is Bard AI based on?

Google Bard is the lightweight version of LaMDA in Google Search. LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), is Google’s language model built on Transformer, a neural network architecture. A Transformer is the backbone of various generative AI applications that are currently in use.

Speaking in simpler words, LaMDA can read many words (a sentence or paragraph, for example), pay attention to how those words relate to one another and then predict what words it thinks will come next.

How is Google Bard AI different from ChatGPT?

The major difference between Bard and ChatGPT is that the former can take real-time events into consideration. On the other hand, ChatGPT is dependent on the data that is gathered up to 2021.

In terms of language models, there is a difference too. While Bard AI is based on LaMDA, ChatGPT is based on GPT. While ChatGPT uses a plagiarism detector, there is no such detector on Google Bard.

Users have to make minor adjustment in Google settings when they are using Google Bard AI for regular search results. On the other hand, ChatGPT responses by using only texts.

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