Google Assistant can now help users to change stolen passwords, Know how

All Android smartphones comes with Google Assistant. For example, the Samsung phones still features Google Assistant even though it has its own virtual personal assistant Bixby. The Google Assistant provides many useful features to its users.

Now the company has introduced a new feature for the Google Assistant that will protect users privacy online. Google Assistant can now help you to change your passwords that may have been stolen and leaked online in a data breach.

Last year, Google first announced that Chrome for Android will work with Assistant to help users change compromised passwords and the feature will be released for more users gradually. Now, google has finally rolled it out for most users. This feature will eventually work with more websites.

How does the new feature work 

Google Assistance alerts user to change their password when you log into a site with a password that’s leaked online.

-To change the password, you just need to tap on the ‘Change automatically’ button that has the Assistant logo.

-Then you will be directly sent to the page from where you can change your password.

-Enter a new password of your choice or have the integrated password manager suggest a new one.

-The Assistant can do everything for you and you always have the option to make changes manually at every stage.

However, this feature doesn’t work on all sites at this point in time. But, we expect Google to eventually provide requirements that websites have to meet to work with this feature. So, many other website will likely be support the Assistant-backed password change feature in the coming weeks.

This feature will help those people who have a habit of using the same password for every account online as they can face a major problem if the password is leaked. This feature will help prevent the potential damage that compromised passwords can cause to your online presence.

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