Google Accused Of Lifting Lyrics From Website

New Delhi: A company called Genius Media Group has claimed that Google copied its content (lyrics) and is showing it to millions of users on the search result. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Genius Media is known to let users search for difficult lyrics in rap and hip-hop songs.

The traffic of the website has dropped over the past few years and the company has alleged that this has happened because Google has been using their content to show it in search results, preventing the need to visit the Genius Media website.

Although Google has denied that it lifted the content from Genius Media, the latter has said they have a ‘proof’ that to support the claim. The company in 2016 said to the WSJ that it made a minor change to some song lyrics on its website. It started alternating the apostrophes in lyrics between straight and curly single-quote marks in the same sequence for every song. The same sequence in song lyrics was reportedly found on Google’s website.

Genius Media said that it notified Google back in 2017 followed by a second one in April. “Over the last two years, we’ve shown Google irrefutable evidence again and again that they are displaying lyrics copied from Genius,” said Ben Gross, chief strategy officer of Genius to WSJ. The company claims to have found over 100 song lyrics lifted by Google.

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