Follow these steps to use bank credit cards to make payment on Google Pay

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has changed rules regarding the use of credit cards on UPI platforms in India. Now users will be able to add their credit cards (including the Rupay credit cards) on UPI platforms in order to carry out different transactions.  Google Pay has been one of the digital wallet platforms available in India and is widely popular among its users for smooth transactions.

According to the new rule by RBI, the UPI transactions made through credit cards will be as hassle-free as debit cards. Prior to this rule, UPI transactions were made by linking saving/current accounts through a users’ debit cards. However, there are certain limitations that are present on the use of Credit Card on UPI.

The users can use their credit cards to pay the bills for basic amenities like electricity, mobile phone number recharge, water bills etc. This means that users cannot transfer money to other users or pay at stores.

How to link your credit cards on Google Pay in order to make payments:

  • Open the menu on your smartphone and select Google Pay.
  • After opening Google Pay tap on the profile icon on the top right corner.
  • Click on the Bank account option.
  • From the menu choose ‘Add credit or debit card’.
  • There are multiple options to add a credit card on Google Pay. You can either scan your credit card or prefer the manual process of entering details.
  • Enter your billing address and mobile number for verification purposes. After this is done, you are ready to make payment via credit card.
  • Now, make payments through your linked credit card.

In terms of payments, the UPI platform had been doing absolutely great in India. According to RBI, in May 2022 only there have been about 594 crore transactions through UPI. This has resulted in the processing of Rs 10.4 lakh crore through UPI. The addition of credit cards to the UPI platform is expected to provide a boost to the banking system.

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