Follow These Steps To Copy And Save Others’ WhatsApp Status In Your Phone

If you are a WhatsApp user then you must have faced this dilemma when you wanted to save a picture or video from a contact’s status but you can’t. Then you can solve this problem by following two steps – 1) Save Status Manually, and 2) Save Status Using An App.

WhatsApp saves contact’s status photos and video locally in our phone when we view their status however, these files disappear after 24 hours as the status shown period comes to end. But you can save these files permanently by following these steps.

1) Save Status Manually:

-In order to save the status, your mobile should have a file manager app. Generally many phones have this app but if you can’t find it in your phone then you can download and use Solid Explorer and ES File Explorer.

– Now view the status you want to save.

– Open the File Manager app ( Files, File Manager, Solid Explorer).

– Go to settings and turn on the show hidden files button.

– Go to internal storage then open WhatsApp folder in it.

-Open Media folder.

-You will see a status folder

-Open the folder and copy the pictures and video that you want to save in a different folder.

-Now all the pictures and video are permanently saved in your phone.

2) Save Status Using An App

You can also copy and save your contact’s status photos and videos easily by using an app.

-To do this Install the app ‘Status Saver’ from Play Store.

– Open the app and select images and videos which you want to save on your phone.

-Now tap on save icon and the photos and videos will be saved permanently in your phone.

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  1. Kunal gaur says

    Idk i couldn’t understand the manual process these apps diffrent different have different features and if you just need to use apps just record the screen or just take screenshot of status of others if you like then can share it with people…

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