Features that we expect in the Apple iPad 2023, Check details here

The Apple iPad can be labeled as a value-for-money tablet in the current electronics market. The iPad (10th generation) as well as the iPad Pro (10th generation) has been launched in October and are currently on sale now. In India, the price of the Apple iPad (10th gen) starts at Rs 44,900 and it supports Apple pencil (1st gen). Even though the Apple iPad 2022 is a great device we would like Apple iPad 2023 to be better.

Here are some features that we would like on the iPad 2023 model.

Storage variants

The iPad 10th generation is available in just two variants- 64GB/ 256GB. It would be great if Apple offers more storage variants of the iPad. A 128GB variant as well a 512GB variant can be offered to the users.

Support for Apple Pencil 2

The iPad 10th gen supports 1st gen Apple Pencil and we will be more than happy to get a 2nd generation pencil. Users have to use a USB-C to Apple pencil adapter in order to charge. Using a 2nd generation pencil will remove the hassle of adapter.


The price of Apple iPad 9th generation starts at Rs 30,900. Considering the price of 10th generation of the iPad there has been a significant increase in price. The value for money aspect of the iPad gets compromised to some extent due to the price hike. Apple should keep it in mind when they price the next generation iPad.

Better screen

The Apple iPad (10th generation) gets a 10.9 inch screen and it does not offer an anti-reflective coating. This affects the outdoor viewing experience of the tablet. An anti-reflective coating on the device will be a great addition on the iPad 2023.

Home button

The Home button that is present on the iPad 9th generation comes in handy in numerous ways. Given the fact that the iPad is the base version if iPad series, we deserve to have a home button.

Battery backup

An avg battery backup on the Apple iPad (10th generation) is somewhere between 8-10 hours. However, it will be great if we get more battery backup on the iPad 2023 variant.

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