Facing Wi-Fi troubles: Follow these tips to improve Wi-Fi signal strength on your smartphone

Now-a-days, internet browsing has become a daily activity for most of us and for that we need to have a net connection. Many of us have a Wi-Fi router in our home or office to have a steady internet connection. But, Sometimes the Wi-Fi signal strength on the smartphone gets weak and the connection also keeps breaking off when relying on a Wi-Fi router for the internet connection.

So if you are facing Wi-Fi speed issues then here are some tips to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength.

1. Restart your smartphone

If the Wi-Fi signal strength on the smartphone is weak then the first thing you can do is restarting the phone. Alternatively, you can also shut your phone down for the time you are asleep at night and then switch it on in the morning.

​2. Restart your Wi-Fi router

If your smartphone is not connecting to a Wi-Fi network or the signal is continuously dropping, you should switch off your Wi-Fi router. Unplug it and after minimum 10-15 minutes restart the Wi-Fi. You can also shut it off for a few hours. You can try restarting both your smartphone and your router. This is one of the tried and tested methods and there are high chances of your problem being resolved.

3. Remove some unnecessary obstructions

You should remove the obstruction between the router and the smartphone to minimise the signal blockage. For example you can move some furniture or items away from the router. You can also try moving closer to the router or placing the router closer to where you usually use your phone. You can also put the router at a higher place for better signal strength.

4. Remove and add Wi-Fi network again

Another thing you can do is try to remove the saved Wi-Fi network id and password. Then add it once again. This will help to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength.

5. Remove the thick protective case of your smartphone

Your phone’s thick protective cover can also obstruct the Wi-Fi signal on your device. So, if you are facing Wi-Fi signal problem then remove it and use the phone. Or you can to use a lighter case to get a more powerful Wi-Fi connection. Note that you should use this trick in the safe environs of your home where fall damage chances are minimal.

6. Reset smartphone’s settings 

You can try to reset all the settings of the smartphone. By doing this, all the custom settings like saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices, and home screen layout will be turned off. This may help to get a better Wi-Fi connection.

7. Check for firmware updates on your router

Check the firmware updates on your router by visiting the brand website or getting in touch with the customer support of your router’s brand.

8. Get a new router with better range and features

If all the other methods does not work, then your router may have some problems. Replace the Wi-Fi router with a new one that has more range, features than the current model. You should check the details and features of various router fully before buying a new one.

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