Facebook to finally let users customise shortcuts bar

San Francisco: Facebook is rolling out a shortcut bar settings update that would allow its users to control exactly what features appear on the app navigation bar.

The new feature is now out, with most iOS users already equipped and the rest of Android owners getting it in the next few weeks, TechCrunch reported on Monday.

With the new update, iOS users would be able to remove many tabs, including Marketplace, Watch, Groups, Events, Profile, Friend Requests, News, Today In as well as Gaming and Dating.

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“We are rolling out navigation bar controls to make it easier for people to connect with the things they like and control the notifications they get within the Facebook app,” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying.

To use the Shortcut Bar Settings options, a user need to tap and hold on any of the shortcuts in the navigation bar that is at the bottom of the Facebook homescreen on iOS and the top on Android.

User would see a menu pop-up letting them remove that tab entirely, or leave it but disable the red notification count overlays. This will clear the space in the navigation bar for a better experience.


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