Facebook testing Twitter-like ‘threads’ feature: Report

New Delhi: Facebook is reportedly testing a threads feature, just like Twitter, on Pages of some public figures that will provide them the ability to create posts related to previous ones on a related subject.

The new feature which is under development ties the posts together more visually so fans can more easily follow updates over time, reports TechCrunch.

“When the new post appears on followers’ News Feeds, it will be shown as being connected to the other posts in a thread,” the report said on Friday.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra first spotted this feature in action.

Facebook is currently testing the feature with a small group of “public figures” on the platform.

The threaded posts will have a “View Post Thread” button, which lets followers easily navigate to see all of the posts in the thread.

When you tap on the button, you’ll be shown where you can see all the threaded posts pieced together, according to the report.

With an aim to promote independent writers, Facebook has also announced a set of publishing and subscription tools — Bulletin — to support creators in the US.

The tech giant said that Bulletin will include support focused on content creation, monetisation and audience growth.

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