Enabling these security settings on your smartphone can make your Android safer

Modern day smartphones have evolved from a calling device to an assistant which manages your everyday life. A smartphone not only manages your messages, e-mails, memo, and important documents but also provides you with a portable medium of entertainment.

Bulk of the smartphone users across the globe use Android smartphones as their primary device. Even though a smartphone is a part of our identity, there are few people who are aware about how to make it secure. A smartphone without proper security can be a threat if it falls in wrong hands.

In order to stay safe from data theft or other mishap of your smartphone, kindly make sure to enable these following settings.

Activate Screen lock

Locking the screen of your smartphone is one of the basic securities which one can activate on their Android device. Users can select from multiple lock screen options in their device. The lock screen options include PIN, pattern, password or face unlock. After enabling the screen lock, you device will get locked after a specific interval. You have to correctly answer the lock screen option to unlock the device.

Security options for notifications when screen is locked

While the screen of your Android smartphone is locked, certain notifications might pop-out on the screen. You can control whether you want a specific app to display notification during lock screen or not. Check the settings of your device for details.

Find My Device feature

The ‘Find My Device feature’ which was earlier known as Android Device Manager can help you locate your smartphone when it is lost. The feature also locks the device when it is lost. In order to activate the feature user have to keep the location of the device on.

Use Smart Lock

The Smart lock feature enables you to keep your device unlocked according to the circumstances. If you have kept the device in your pocket or are nearby, the device remains unlock. However, after an unlock period of 4 hours your device will be locked again.

Google Play Protect

Enabling Google Play Protect on your device will make sure that the application which you are downloading is safe and secure. To enable play protect follow the steps Settings> Security> Google Play Protect.

Safe Browsing

Android smartphone gets Chrome as a default browser. Enable the safe browsing mode in order to remove malicious websites. In order to enable safe browsing, Open Chrome> Tap three dot menu> Choose settings> sync for Google services

Google Security Checkup

Take Google security checkup frequently on your device. The security checkup shows possible security issues in your device and breaks them under specific categories in order to let you know about the security of your device.

App permissions

Managing permissions given to specific apps should be a key concern for Android users. Once in a while you should check, which specific access you are granting to your phone. If you feel an app is using excess of your personal information, you can remove the access. Feel free to delete data that the app has used.

Check the strength of passwords

You can check from time to time about the strength of your passwords in your Google account. Google also shows how secure your password is and will let you to set a strong password.

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