WhatsApp Alert ! What to Do and What Not To

Bhubaneswar: Undoubtedly WhatsApp is the biggest Instant Messaging app across the globe. On everyday basis we use WhatsApp to send messages, and to make voice and video calls. The use of WhatsApp is no more limited to private life but also has been become an integral part of businesses today. However, we tend to use the messaging platform in numerous ways which is risky and violates the privacy norms. Here are some activities that might harm us if not done properly.

Don’t allow everyone to Find your WhatsApp account

Assuming that you are using WhatsApp since a long-time, you will be having a list of contacts who are not touch with you anymore. Hence, phone numbers of the persons who are not in touch with you must be deleted or blocked. These numbers can be saved somewhere else if you think those important.

Use Profile Photo only for Purpose of Identification

Expression is good but over expressing is probably bad. Your WhatsApp profile picture can speak a lot about you, your location, your workplace or your home. You must keep your profile picture as simple as possible, else it might reveal a lot about you beyond your knowledge. You can also opt from the Privacy options to whom you want to show your profile picture. Choose from Everyone (visible to all), My contacts (all persons in your contact list) or Nobody (not visible to all).

Must Activate Two-step verification

Activating the ‘Two-step verification’ will add an extra layer of security to your WhatsApp Account and will prevent you from being a victim of SIM swap fraud.

Use Face Recognition or Fingerprint lock

WhatsApp account can be given an additional layer of security by using Face Recognition or Fingerprint lock. To use this Feature go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock .

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Don’t share your Status messages with everyone

Status messages are a vital part of your private life and should be limited only to your friends, family and closed-ones. It doesn’t matter if other people are not able to view your status.

Don’t allow everyone to add you to WhatsApp Groups

You must restrict your contacts from adding you to anonymous groups. In order to do so, go to Privacy>Settings and select one of the three i.e. Everyone, My Contacts or My Contacts Except.

Don’t add all WhatsApp media files to your phone’s gallery

Disable auto download feature for media files in your WhatsApp settings. Disabling this option can save storage space in your device and prevent malicious files to get downloaded to your phone.

Disable the Auto-backup Feature

The back-ups of your WhatsApp conversation and media are stored on Google Drive or iCloud. These back-ups are not encrypted. Hence, creating an unnecessary might expose your private files.

Don’t share Adult content on WhatsApp

Sharing adult content (related to porn) in audio, video or pictures to your contacts can lead you into trouble. If anyone files a police complaint, you might get arrested and land in prison.

Don’t share Unverified Files

Don’t share anything related to controversial issues which are yet to be verified. This might lead you in serious trouble. Also stop spreading messages which can cause violence or agitation among masses.

Don’t open WhatsApp account on Other’s Name

Opening a WhatsApp account with others name and using it for amusement is a serious crime and can lead you into prison.

Don’t save WhatsApp messages forever

Saving WhatsApp messages forever will only consume your device memory. Try to use the disappearing message feature to auto-clean your chats.

Try to report Spam messages

If you are receiving unwanted messages on your number from any unknown person, feel free to mark it under the spam. Else you might end in malfunctioning your device and losing private data.

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