Do You Want To Hide WhatsApp Chat Without Deleting It? Follow These Simple Tips

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has introduced many great and useful features to provide better facilities to its users this year. On WhatsApp, you will get many such features that will completely change the style of your chatting. Even some such features are available, which some users are probably not aware of.

Today we are going to tell you about one such feature. With the help of which you can hide WhatsApp chat without deleting and no one will be able to read it without your wish.

You often delete someone’s chat to hide it. But if you want anyone to see the chat and do not have to delete it, then it can be hidden. Yes, WhatsApp has the facility to hide messages. Here we are telling you how to hide it without deleting the message.

How to hide your chat

  • First, open WhatsApp, and after that click on the chat, you want to hide.
  • Now tap and hold on that chat. After this, some options will appear upwards. One of these will be an arrow option. Which is exactly equal to the three data and is the Archive button.
  • Tap on the Archive button. Tapping on it will make your chat archive. And will not be visible to anyone.
  • Whenever you have to see this chat, you have to scroll to the bottom of the WhatsApp chat, where you will get the option of Archived.
  • By tapping on it you will get the chat archived. If you want to unarchive it, tap and hold it and tap the Archive icon above once again. This will make your chat unarchive.
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  1. Sai says

    This is not new , the hiding trick we already know Sir

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