Do you know what the Small Hole next to your phone camera means? This is what it does

Now-a-days almost everyone has a smartphone with them. But, there are many things that you may have not known about a smartphones. For example, you must have spotted a small hole somewhere around the flash and camera lens on all phones, but do you its function or why it is there?.

Let’s talk about the function of the small hole near the camera in details.

For your information, the small hole has nothing to do with your camera or flash nor is it any kind of button. The whole purpose of its existence is for noise cancellation. That means it works as a mini noise cancellation microphone along with making the sound clearer.

In addition, the small hole at the bottom of the phone near the charging point or the earphone jack are also for noise cancellation.

As we are talking about smartphones, lets know some interesting facts about it.

Let us tell you that the first smartphone was developed about 27 years ago by IBM and the first call from a mobile phone was made on April 3, 1973. The smartphone developed by IBM was the first finger-touch phone that was commercially available.

Did you know almost 90 per cent of mobile phones in Japan are waterproof.

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