Do you know these 13 hidden Apple iPhone tricks?

Apple iPhone are popular for their durability and advanced features. The premium smartphone has many features that helps its users to do various things. The company also provides many updates with new features for its iPhone users.

There are many hidden tricks and feature in iPhone that you may not have noticed. Here are 13 iPhone tricks that will help you to operate the Apple device easily.

Add captions to photos and videos

Do you know you can add captions or keywords to an image in iPhone. Just swipe up on an image or video in the iPhone to add captions to them. By doing this, you can find them easily by typing the captions on your iPhone’s Search window.

​Change your default browser

You can change your default web browser to Chrome, Firefox or any other of your choice instead of Safari. To do that, first download the browser you want as the default one.

Then go to the browser app on your iPhone. Go to Settings, tap Default browser and then tap Open the browser settings of the one you want (example-open Chrome settings if you want Google chrome) and set it as the default browser.

​Lock the Focus and exposure of the camera

For photography enthusiasts, iPhone has a lock focus feature that will allow you to keep the camera Focus sharp. Tap once on your screen once to keep the camera Focus sharp and if you keep holding on the screen, an “AF/AE Locked” box will appear. This locking means the Focus and exposure won’t change.

Record a video and snap a photo simultaneously

If you want to take a photo while making a video then you do that with a iPhone. Apple iPhone users can take a video as well a photo simultaneously by clicking on the shutter icon next to the video button while taking a video.

​Use a single button to call someone

The Apple iPhone has a green phone icon in the keypad that will instantly redial the last number you called.

Snap a hands-free photo

Do you know you can take a photo on iPhone without needing to touch it or making any gestures. To do that, you need to go to Accessibility via Settings and activate ‘Voice Control’. Then ask Siri to open your camera and turn the volume down. This way you can snap up a picture without having to hold the iPhone.

​Hide apps

If you have apps that are not frequently used on your iPhone then you can hid them by taping on Remove App option then selecting the Move to App Library option.

​Add widgets to iPhone home screen easily

Apple iPhone users can add widgets to the screen easily by simly dragging and dropping them from the Today view on the home screen. Or you can just add them from the home screen’s edit menu.

Correct and teach Siri

Siri is widely used in the iPhone but if you are facing problems due to pronunciation then you can correct the mispronunciation of Siri. When you heard Siri mispronounces something, say

“That’s not how you pronounce…” In reply, Siri will ask you to provide the correct way. So teach it and it will respond to make sure it learned it right.

Decrease the size of the screen

You can decrease the size of the screen by holding down on the emoji button on the keypad and pick up one of the keyboards, left or right.

Timer for playing music

To do this, go to Clock >>Timer >> ‘When Timer Ends’. Select the “Stop Playing” option. Now set a duration duration for which you wish music to play. Now the music will stop after the timer runs out.

​Speed up your texting

To speed up your typing on the iPhone, hold down on the “123” button, drag it over the number or symbol you want and then release.

You can delete text by shacking the iPhone 

You can even erase a text by shaking your iPhone and then tap Undo Typing. Shake it again to access “Redo Typing” which would roll back the changes you just made. Or, try swiping left from three fingers to delete the text and vice-versa.

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