Delete WhatsApp From Your Phone If You Are Afraid Of Data Theft: Delhi HC

A petition challenging the new privacy policy of WhatsApp was heard in the New Delhi High Court on Monday. The court said that if you are afraid of data breach on the app then you can choose to delete it.

The petition was submitted by a lawyer named Manohar Lal. He said that he has also written to the central government regarding this problem but has not received any response yet.

As the hearing commenced, the court asked the lawyer which of his data is in danger and he answered everything, and WhatsApp analyses our behaviour.

In reply to this, Justice Sanjiv Sachdeva said that all the private apps you join also do this and if you feel that Your data is not protected in WhatsApp then you delete the app.

The court said that joining the app is a voluntary thing if one did not agree with its terms and conditions then you leave the platform or not join it and you can join another platform of your choice.

The court further said that if you read the terms and conditions of most mobile apps then you would be surprised as to what all you are consenting to.

Even the Google Maps captures all your data and stores it, said the court.

In the hearing, Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal appeared on behalf of WhatsApp, and Mukul Rohatgi appeared on behalf of Facebook.

Rohatgi said that private chats are completely encrypted, the changes are only made for the Business WhatsApp.

Rohatgi further explained that your private chats with friends, relatives, and others are fully encrypted and if users do not want to, then they do not need to message business accounts. The court then adjourned the hearing till January 25.

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