Cyber Alert! Joker Malware attacks various applications on Google Play Store

The Joker malware virus which had surfaced earlier on the Google Play store and had stolen data from many Android devices is back. The malware has been detected in 8 apps on the Google Play Store by researchers at Quick Heal Security Labs.

The Joker virus continues to hide itself in apps and steals valuable data on the devices of Android users. The data which are stolen by the Joker virus are SMS, contact info, passwords and many more. The new batch of the virus was found hiding in 8 apps, which are Auxiliary Message, fast Magic SMS, Free Cam Scanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Messages, Travel Wallpapers and Super SMS.

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The above mentioned applications have already been removed from Google Play Store as soon as the news spread. The apps are expected to be back on the Google Play Store after removal of the virus. However, the apps already installed on the android devices can continue to worry users. Hence it is advisable for users to uninstall the infected apps until the issue has been resolved.

Google has been facing this Joker virus threat for quite some years. Last year Google had removed 11 apps from the Play Store after they were infected with the virus.

Research by various agencies have shown that the Joker malware makes changes in its code to bypass Play store’s security. When a user interacts with the affected application, he accidentally activates the malware. When the malware gets activated, it goes past the security of the device and downloads important data. In worse cases, the device of the user can become useless after the attack.

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